Moonshadow Silky Terriers

Country of Origin:  Austrailia

The Silky Terrier is a true Toy Terrier,

Slightly longer than tall,

Sufficient substance to suggest the ability to hunt and kill domestic rodents.


His coat is silky in texture.

His inquisitive nature and joy of life make him an ideal companion.

The breed was established by breeding Australian Terriers with Yorkshire Terriers bringing about a dog about the size of the Australian with the coat texture of the Yorkie.​


The Silky Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Champion Rhaspody's Tea Time Tales


Silky Terrier

Grand Champion Tessier Wyntuk Ocean "Pearl"

Bred by: Sandy Mesmer, Billie Pruitt, & Karen Huey

Australian Terrier "Loretta"

Bred by Theresa Gioffon

Dunham Lake Australian Terriers